September 21 silent action (ONLINE+AUDIO+PHOTO)

20.10 The action in Minsk is over. No detentions have been reported this time.

19.39 Several people applaud near the Belarusian Embassy in Moscow.

19.32 MINK Nasta Mantsevich: About 300 people take part in the action in Minsk. Two represenatives of the General public prosecutor's office watch them, as we as the police's actions. 

19.28 MINSK There are very many people at that side of the avenue where the GUM store is located. Plain-clothed policemen film them. The pavement at the side of the National Bank is almost empty, reports Vital Ruhain

19.20 BREST У About 50 people walk round the city center in pairs and in small groups - along the Masherau Ave, from the Soviet Street to the Cosmonaurts' Boulevard. There are a lot of policemen. They approach the groups of people from time to time and check their documents, reports the "Brestskaya Gazeta",  - its correspondent was also stopped by policemen for documents checking.

19.18 MAHILIOU several dozens people have gathered. 

19.15 MINSK The first applause started. Some automobiles signal when passing McDonald's, Nasta Mantsevich informs.

19.10 PINSK: Policemen sealed the Square in Pinsk.
Policemen sealed the main city square in Pinsk at about 18.00. At 18.45 they prohibited people and vehicles to enter the square. They explain this as a special event. Moreover, policemen patrol the nearby streets.

19.08 SALIHORSK Several people went out to the action, policemen watch them from the cars, informs

19.01 Opposition activist Kastus Zhukouski has been detained in Homel. He was walking along Knizhnaya Street not far from his house. A police van with no less than 5 riot policemen was following him. Suddenly it stopped and the policemen threw at Zhukouski, shut his mouth with their hands, pushed him into the car and drove in an unknown direction.

Several buses with riot policemen are parked in the yards near the circus in Homel, where the silent actions are usually held, reports BelaPAN.

18.54 Public traffic goes along the avenue in normal regime, Euroradio's correspondent Nasta Mantsevich informs. According to her, there are many people in plain clothes with headphones in the city center. They walk in pairs or in small groups from the Independence Square to the Kastrychnitskaya Square.

Deputy Head of Minsk police Ihar Yauseyeu is present in the Kastrychnitskaya Square, before this he was seen in McDonald's. Police buses are parked in the neighbouring yards. Some of them have no numbers.

17.40 social network is blocked. It is possible to get to it only via anonymizers or the resource

17.30 First information that "plainclothed agents" filled the center of Minsk appeared. Police buses have been noticed in the yards in the Independence Avenue. The action in Minsk is planned exactly in the main avenue. Its participants are supposed to walk along the avenue for half an hour. In case there are obstacles from the police, they are to move in the direction of the Kastrychnitskaya Square.

Actions of the "Revolution in social networks" are planned in Belarus on September 21. They will be conducted under the motto "Stop enduring! - devaluation, price increase, police's outrage, state propaganda and the authorities' promises.