Russia's representative to discuss re-export of products on August 12

According to RIA Novosti, they will focus on the prevention of re-exports of products restricted for import to Russia from the territory of Belarus. This was the issue discussed during the telephone conversation of heads of Belarus and Russia. Lukashenko promised that "full transparency in the spirit of partnership will be ensured at the border." 

As is known, in response to Western sanctions, the Russian government has banned imports of certain agricultural and food products from countries that have imposed sanctions (USA, EU, ​​Canada, Australia, Norway). The ban also covers beef, pork, poultry, cheese and dairy products, as well as fruits, vegetables and nuts. 

It is expected that next week Minsk and Moscow will also discuss a significant increase in the supply of Belarusian food to Russia. 

Zayats and Dankvert will also discuss the situation with African swine fever.

Belarus to gain from Russian sanctions. Higher prices.

Photo - AP