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Russian businesses withdraw capital from Belarus - Myasnikovich

Chairman of the Council of the Republic Mikhail Myasnikovich / BELTA

Belarus cannot fail to notice that Russian businesses withdraw capital from this country, Chairman of the National Assembly's upper chamber, the Council of the Republic, Mikhail Myasnikovich said on Belarus state TV referring to such Russian companies as Gazprom Transgas Belarus, MTS, Gefest, and others.  

"When [Russian] parent companies withdraw part of their net profit, they do not confront with our agreements with Russian businesses, Belarusian and international laws. However, it would be desirable of profit made here is directed in the first place at the development of production and capacity, which create this profit. Re-investment should be taking place in the first place," Myasnikovich said.

Talking about the Belarus-Russia relations, he stressed that there is no need to revise the agreement on the union state of Belarus and Russia. In the view of Myasnikovich, the Belarusian and Russian working groups that have been negotiating those matters could have all the issues finalized by 8 December. 

There is no need to introduce a single currency either because there are no equal conditions for economic entities and no unified legislation. "It will simply make no sense. It could even be harmful," Myasnikovich said.