Russia to re-negotiate new deal on military assets in Belarus

The Volga early-warning radar near Hancavicy in Belarus /

Moscow and Minsk are expected to enter into fresh talks in 2020 on the use by Russia of its two military assets on the territory of Belarus, Belarusian Defense Ministry told the Russian news agency TASS.

The assets in questions are the Volga-type early-warning radar in Hancavicy, a town in Belarus' Brest region and the naval communication center in Vilejka, Minsk region. Russia operates the two facilities under the 1995 lease agreement concluded for the term of 25 years, expiring soon. 

"If one of the parties is unwilling to extend the term of the agreement, it shall notify the other in writing about the decision taken 12 months before the agreement expires, namely not later than 6 June 2020," Belarusian Defense Ministry said.