Russia increases gas price to $485 for 1000 cubic metres for Ukraine


Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller told it to PM Dmitri Medvedev, ITAR-TASS reports. According to Miller, Gazprom did not get paid for March gas supplies to Ukraine. “The debt has exceeded 2.2 billion dollars,” the head of the gas monopoly stressed.  He hopes that Ukraine will start sinking the debt and paying for the current gas supplies soon.

The gas price for Ukraine will be $385.5 for 1000 cubic metres in the second quarter of the year, Miller announced last Tuesday.  It was not a price increase, it was a return to the older contracts because Ukraine had not fulfilled its comments indicated in the additional agreement, he stressed.

Vladimir Putin signed the law of the denunciation of Kharkiv agreements that made provision for a $100 discount for every 100 cubic metres of gas on April 2.