Minsk and Moscow may initial integration agreement in September - PM Rumas


Belarus and Russia may initial an action plan on integration in the Union State in September, Prime Minister Siarhei Rumas said after the meeting with the head of state, reports BELTA.

According to Mr Rumas, the working group and the Prime Ministers of the two countries, have finilized the work on this document. “The program contains 66 positions, and virtually all of them have been agreed upon. I only had to clarify certain nuances with the head of state. As of today, the government has a clear understanding on all those provisions. The treaty covers all spheres of economy, social issues and aims at further integration with the Russian Federation,” Mr Rumas said.

He stressed that the document is based on the following principle: “two countries, one market.” Some 28 roadmaps will have been developed under this action plan by 1 November 2019. The roadmaps will list measures aimed at creating common markets in various economic sectors. The Prime Minister stressed: “For economic entities, this program means, in the first place, equal opportunities – not only in the energy sector but also when it comes to taxes and equal regulatory treatment."