Rockers, their wives prosecuted as 'extremists' in Belarus

Cover of the Tor band / Tor band single
Cover of the Tor band / Tor band single

'Tor band' from the provincial city of Rahačou was designated as an "extremist formation" in Belarus by the State Security Committee (KGB) on January 16. This is the first time a music band was recognized as "extremists" in Belarus.

The members of the band, Dzmitry Halavach and Yauhen Burlo were detained at homes with their wives on October 28, 2022. The two couples were sentenced to 15 days of arrest, with Halavach and Burlo sentenced to 15 days five times. As of writing, they are being held in the Žlobin jail. The musicians were tried for each song separately - each of them declared "an extremist material."

'Tor band' became known in August 2020 during massive anti-Lukashenka protests in Belarus. Some of their music videos have gathered more than a million views on YouTube.


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