Rigoni hopes to resume PACE-Belarus dialogue and expects to meet halfway

PACE Special Rapporteur Andrea Rigoni has arrived in Minsk. He is planning to meet the representatives of the authorities and opposition.

Rigoni has already met head of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Uladzimir Andreichanka today. The PAEC Special Rapporteur visited Belarus five years ago, Rigoni noted at the meeting.

The PACE would like to restore the PACE-Belarus dialogue and cooperation with the Belarusian Parliament but is expecting to meet halfway, Rigoni said. “We have come to Belarus with this goal – we should restore and resume the dialogue started with your Parliament. This cooperation should continue. We are ready for it and are expecting to meet halfway,” BELTA quotes Rigoni.

In the photo: Andrea Rigoni and Uladzimir Andreichanka. BELTA