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Reports: Belarus extradites Murad Amriyev


Belarus has extradited Murad Amriyev to Russia, Novaya Gazeta reports. The Chechen has not been allowed to ask for political asylum in our country (see video). Two columns consisting of three cars departed from Dobrush District Department of the Interior on the afternoon of June 8.  Amriyev was in one of them. He was handed over to the Russian police at Bryansk Oblast border.  

World champion Murad Amriyev left Russia. The police had been torturing him and wanted his elder brother to return from Germany , he said. Amriyev was heading for Moscow from Ukraine to make a visa when he was detained. He was suspected of using fake documents but there was only a misprint in his passport. He became wanted by the federal police. The Chechen was released on June 6 and taken to the Transport Office of the Public Prosecutor for an interrogation. He saw Chechen policemen near the building and recognized one of them – the person who had tortured him 4 years before. Amriyev managed to leave the building and headed for Belarus together with friends. He was detained and jailed in Dobrush. Belarus was going to extardite him. It has happened despite numerous protests of rights defenders and Murad’s family who said that his life would be in danger in Groznyi.