Zmitser Shurkhai spends 9 days in a solitary cell (photo)

Let us remind you, the police detained the Brest regional coordinator of the BCD steering committee on September 14. The reason for this was the sentence made by Horki court for the solidarity action with political prisoner Zmitser Dashkevich on August 2 - 10 days of administrative detention (he served one day of detention after the arrest in Horki).

According to Shurkhai, he was alone in the cell for the whole nine days. He managed to compose two complaints in custody: about the resolution of the Horki court and about his arrest. In the first one, Zmitser Shukhrai disagrees with the judge's decision, as he would not characterize his own actions as a picket. In the second one - he turns attention to the fact that he was arrested not by policemen from Ivanava district, according to the judge's resolution, but by the policemen from Brest.

Also, Shurkhai plans to complain against the employees of the pre-trial detention center as they did not accept parcels from his relatives.