Yakau Navumenka killed because of a fiddler?

An official from the Sevastopol city state administration informed the version of the death of Yakau Navumenka on anonymous conditions to Euroradio. According to the official, the police are now working on this information:

"Your People’s Artist walked by the Primorsky Boulevard with a company, not far from the Nakhimau Square. Somehow he began to argue with a street violinist, he answered gruffly. Local people stood for the fiddler, the crowd got engaged into the fight. There wasn’t anything brutal about the fight but it somehow happened that the actor fell and hit his head on the curb ...»

Let us remind you, People’s Artist of Belarus, Yakau Navumenka was fatally injured in the center of Sevastopol on August 19. Exactly a week later, he died in a city hospital № 1.

The following information first appeared in the Internet: "During one of the concerts,  Yakau Navumenka and his son wanted to go behind the scenes - they said a good friend of theirs was singing. A guard started to hinder our artist. As a result, they began to fight. Yakau Navumenka’s skull was fractured, and his son, Tsikhan had a broken jaw ... "

So we contacted Syarhei Tsarou, Tsikhan Navumanka’s friend (the guys talked just before our call).

Syarhei Tsarou"He just said," Syarhei, half of what they write is a lie. "All I know: Yakau Navumenka indeed was killed. Who, what, how - I do not know. As far as I understand - there is a complete lack of motivation. A coincidence. So I asked him how he was and he replied – more or less ... "

Yakau Navumanka and his son Tsikhan. A photo from the web-site odnoklassniki.ru

The police of Sevastopol deny the information about the concert and the guard-killer. They also say nothing about the conflict with the fiddler yet. 

Volha Yarmolenka, a competent representative of Sevastopol police, has informed Euroradio:

“The conflict occurred in the city centre, in Nakhimau Square on August 19. There was no concert on that day. This is just a big square in the centre of the city. It was a conflict between the artist and an unknown person".

Yakau Navumenka was born in Orsha on March 28, 1959. He graduated from Minsk musical college and from Gnesinskoye musical college. The signer received the title of the People's Artist of Belarus a year ago. He also celebrated the 25th anniversary of his creative work back then.

Nakhimau Square. Photo from the web-site virtual.crimea.ua