USA imposes sanctions on “BelOMA” and “Beltechexport”

The USA has imposed sanctions on the Belarusian Optical Mechanical Association and BelTechExport for cooperation with Iran and North Korea. Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg has informed about it, reports Radio Liberty.


Three Chinese, five Iranian, one North Korean, one Venezuelan and two Syrian companies have been targeted by the sanctions. They have been punished for being involved in illicit trading in missile technology and nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction with Iran, North Korea and Syria.
Steinberg has noted that the aim of the sanctions is preventing Iran from funding its nuclear program. The companies and persons affected by the sanctions will be will be barred from any U.S. government contracts, U.S. import-export financing and export licenses for sensitive technology for two years.


The Belarusian Optical Mechanical Association produces hi-tech equipment used in air defense systems.


BelTechExport is a commercial structure involved in a major part of Belarusian arms export.