U.S. impose sanctions against 4 key Belarus companies

The U.S. Department of Treasury has moved to freeze any U.S.-based assets of these four major Belarusian enterprises: the Belshina tire factory; Grodno Azot, which manufactures fertilizer; Grodno Khimvolokno, a fiber manufacturer; and Naftan, a major oil refinery. Besides, U.S. legal and physical entities are banned from having any financial relations dealings with the afore-mentioned companies.

The measures target those responsible for repressions in Belarus. The first economic sanctions were imposed by the U.S. against Belneftekhim petrochemical giant in November 2007 over human rights violations in Belarus. The move included asset freeze of Belneftekhim and its subsidiary company Belneftekhim USA

In September 2008, U.S. sanctions against Belarusian companies Lakokraska and Polotsk-Steklovolokno were suspended to be re-imposed on January 31, 2011, following the crack-down on the opposition after December 19, 2011 presidential elections.