A tram batters down a trolley-bus in Minsk (photo, video)

According to the preliminary information provided by the state automobile inspection of the Soviet district of Minsk, 16 people suffered in the accident, reports the web-site onliner.by. They were delivered to hospitals. According to eye-witnesses, the tram's break system failed. The driver tried to warn the people around, she screamed and waved but she could not avoid the accident.

The trolley-bus folded in halves. Eye-witnesses say that the tram nearly knocked down the pedestrians who had already started crossing the driveway.

Photo and video by: Andrej Kim

Euroradio's correspondent from the accident site Illya Malinouski informs that the trolley-bus is seriously crushed. Representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are working there. The accident site is sealed. There are a lot of ambulance vehicles there. The casualties have mostly slight injuries. A BMW driver also suffered in the accident.