Shooting in Russia: six dead (video)

A man approached the shop “Hunt”in his dark BMW in Belgorod at about 1 p.m. EEST. He got out and started shooting at passers-by and at people in the shop. Three shop assistants and 2 passers-by were killed. A schoolgirl, seventh former, was among the killed.

The criminal fled. His car was found in another distract of the city later. The police are looking for the shooter now, RIA Novosti reports.

The shooting started during an attack on the shop “Hunt”. The name of the criminal is known, he has been recently released from prison. He was imprisoned for a theft.

Five people were killed on the spot and the sixth victim died in hospital.

The man used the rifle he had stolen from the shop, some sources report. He was noticed and closed in one of the rooms.