Red Cross not allowed to visit Zmitser Bandarenka?

Let us remind you that the political prisoner’s relatives asked the Red Cross to visit Zmitser Bandarenka and to control his health condition.

Yuliya Bandarenka, the political prisoner’s daughter, has ifnroemd”Charter’97” that a representative of the international organization phoned her last week. Vasil Fadzeyeu, representative of the Red Cross, asked her to receive permission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to him, the Ministry had replied that there was no need for the Red Cross to control Bandarenka because he received all the necessary medical assistance. The Red Cross cannot do anything else.

Let us remind you that the political prisoner underwent a serious operation on his spine at the end of July. Bandarenka cannot sit and bend after the operation. Despite the fact, Bandarenka was sent back to prison.