Pregnant woman lost fetus after detention?

Euroradio has found a comment left by Aleh Rahouksi in a social network: “ I (Rahouski Aleh Mikalayevich) was convicted because I had been accused of swearing in Railway Square on July 3, 2011 according to article 17.1 of the Administrative Code, I served my sentence in Minsk city detention centre… Many women were pushed into the police van when we were detained. There was a pregnant woman among them. We asked policemen without badges to let the pregnant woman go but we were refused… I found out that the woman had lost her fetus after the release”. Human rights activist Nasta Loika has confirmed this information. Nasta Loika: “The woman really lost her fetus after the action, her husband was arrested and sentenced to detention and she won’t talk to journalists. I know that she was in October District Department of the Interior. She has just recovered from the miscarriage and more details will be available on Wednesday. We would like to start a criminal case”. However, no official confirmation has been received yet. It is not clear what the reason for the miscarriage was either.