Political analyst: inviting Makey, EU will not break its principles

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Jerzy Pamyanowski has said this in a conversation with the Polish Radio. According to him, it is necessary that Makey could negotiate with the EU to maintain the "minimum communication channels, which are necessary to build up relations with any country."

Political scientist Alyaksandr Papkou believes that Makey’s exclusion of the "black list" is quite possible:

"This black list has one very important caveat. Belarusian officials may enter the territory of the European Union, if it is necessary to maintain bilateral relations, important political contacts. So I do not see a problem in that, in order to develop contacts between the EU and Belarus, to issue a visa to Makey. So the EU will not go against their principles, inviting him, if there is a great political necessity."

The EU has created a "black list" of Belarusian officials, judges and security forces in response to the repressions of the country’s authorities against the opposition and the civil society. Makey got there when he headed the presidential administration.


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