Peftsiyeu no longer heads "Beltechexport" to evade EU sanctions?

"Beltechexport" is also part of eth group of companies - the biggest Belarusian company exporting and importing military goods. According to the website of the organization, "Russian businessman, graduate of The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy  and Public Administration Dmitri Fyodorivich Gurinovich owns the control stock now. Uladzimir Paulavich Peftsiyeu has left the mentioned group of companies".

It is also noted that the replacement was conducted in the framework of the integration of Belarus and Russia in the field of military and technical cooperation. It testifies to the enhancement of transparency in the two states and will help "Beltechexport" take a new position in the world market, is said in the message.

The Council of the EU expanded "the black list" of Belarusian officials involved in human rights violations on June 20, 2011. Uladzimir Peftsiyeu, owner of "Beltechexport", "Sport-Pari" and "BT Telecommunications", was also added there. The EU documents describe Peftsiyeu as a person connected with Alyaksandr Lukashenka's family and the top sponsor of the regime. EU imposed sanctions on his companies because they belonged to Peftsiyeu, informs BelaPAN.

Photo by: bymedia