Mikalai Statkevich suggests plan to opposition

The political prisoner informs that he is still forbidden to write letters and make phone calls. That is why he had to send the letter without the help of the prison post office, informs “Narodnaya Volya”.


Statkevich suggests a plan of actions in his letter. He suggests that the opposition should fulfill the decision made by participants of the meeting in October Square on December 19 - to create the Popular Movement “For Free Elections” and elect its Council. Statkevich says that Ramanchuk and Rymasheuski who condemned Dec.19 action should be excluded from the Council. The leaders of their election campaigns, Pavel Sevyarynets and Anatol Laybedzka, should become members of the Council instead of them. The political prisoner has asked Nyaklyayeu, Milinkevich and Kazulin to realize this suggestion.


Statkevich is asking European politicians to impose sanctions on Belarusian oil and gas enterprises. He says that the heads of the colonies where political prisoners suffer from illegal pressure (for example, Shklou and Horki colony) should be added on the list of personae non gratae. Statkevich says that negotiations with the official Minsk should not start before all political prisoners are released.

The political prisoner has also suggested an idea to the organizers of the campaign “Revolution in Social Networks”. He suggests replacing the applause with speaking Belarusian in public. “A small number of works would be enough (thank you, sorry, please, ect.) – they should be used in public places at any time”, - notes Statkevich.