Law on auto confiscation to be adopted with no public discussion?

The corrected draft bill on the confiscation of cars from drunk drivers has been sent for final approval to the presidential administration by the prosecutors. It is likely that it will stay there for long.

Spokesman for the Prosecutor General Pyotr Kisyalyou has said the following to Euroradio:

"There have been remarks on it (the bill - Euroradio) - about confiscation of official cars, and we stumbled on it a little. However, by now the bill has come through all the necessary approvals and we have sent it to the Presidential Administration again."

Euroradio’s interlocutor is convinced that it won’t take the Administration long to approve the law. They say, the problem of drunk drivers is extremely acute in our country today. And after this final approval, the draft bill will be sent to the House of Representatives. However, Pyotr Kisyalyou failed to answer the question whether the bill will be submitted for a public discussion. This will depend on the MPs.

Photo - AFP