Landing troops of foreign video-performers arrive to Minsk (photo)


110922 Auhinia Performery Web.mp3

The gallery of contemporary art “Ў” accepted a wave of foreign guests today. All the exhibitions have been taken away there, and all the free space has been provided to the Live Performer Meeting. This international event was held in Rome 8 times, once - in Mexico, and this year - in Minsk, as a surprise.

The European Union has offered such an unusual ground to the VJs, and has provided finance for conducting the meeting exactly in Minsk. The organizers say that it has met their wishes.

“We held this meeting in Rome for 8 times and we decided to move abroad in 2008. We tried to do it in Mexico - and we really liked it, - LMP founder Gianluca Del Gobbo has said to Euroradio, – And now we were thinking of the East, where the performers who cannot go to Rome because of visa problems could arrive, and Minsk turned out to be a wonderful place”.

The organizers invite everyone, please see the program, and choose what's interesting for you. Workshops and video-installations will be held during the day, and audio-visual performances will be conducted in the evenings and at nights. Everything is very intensive and is held in Belarus for the first time.

Photo: Gluctim