"Harlem Shake" in Belarus: best videos (watch)

4 thousand harlem shake style videos are published at Youtube daily. They are fashionable throughout the whole February, and are catching up with the record-holders Psy, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. "Harlem Shake" may beat the mass cinnamon eating (this used to be popular in the U.S.) in stupidity. Still, people seem to like it!

The first harlem shake style video was taken by 5 Australian teenagers on February 2. The video was a mockery at the video of the famous Japanese blogger Filthy Frank. It got 2,5 views in a week and got enrolled with parodies straight away. Harry Rodriguez' (a.k.a. Baauer) single "Harlem Shake", half a minute of which "comply" with the video, immediately topped the best-100 chart, according to Billboard. 

Belarusians also got involved into the world trend. Many offices, editors' offices, friends and even members of the "What? Where? When?" intellectual club made their harlem shake videos. Euroradio decided not to do it, but found the best harlem shake style videos just for you: