Dzmitry Us prepares to return to his workplace

Ex-presidential candidate Dzmitry Us was released on Saturday, October 1. He took only a two-days rest and is going to get back to work. He has told this live on air to Euroradio.

111003 UssS.mp3

Us: Guests came to us yesterday - relatives, close friends. We celebrated my release. Now I am going to get back to work to the publishing company "Trivium", as a director. I am preparing the documents to head the company.

Euroradio: Are you going to start working at once?

Us: Yes.

Euroradio: How's your health now? Different people who shared cells with you said that you had problems with your hand - it was difficult for you to hold a plate with soup... 

Us: I had some problems with motility after the coma - it was difficult for me to perform small movements. There are still the same problems but this does not interfere with anything I do now. My blood pressure was a bit unstable - they tried to shake it off, did some injections, but now I am recovering step by step.