Is Andrej Sannikau in Mahiliou detention center?

Sannikau alllegedly spent the last week in the pre-trial detention center in Vitsebsk. He was supposed to be sent to the colony in Babruisk by the prison transport. However, the political prisoner has not arrived there although the prison transport from Navapolatsk arrived in Babruisk on time.

Iryna Khalip has informed live on air to Euroradio that she will not trust any official information until Sannikau sees his lawyer. In her opinion, they sent Sannikau to another colony, like Zmitser Dashkevich, because it is very easy to put pressure on prisoners during transportation.

Khalip says that they transport Sannikau without any warm clothes: she was about to pass some to the colony in Navapolatsk. He only has gloves.

The political prisoner's wife does not believe that her husband will be released in the near future. She says they would do it long ago if they wanted to. And now they keep the prisoners no one knows where and lie to their relatives openly.

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