Abuser of Navapolatsk city collector not to be jailed

Navapolatsk city department of the Investigatory Committee completed the investigation of the beating of ticket collector Lyudmila Shakhlina. The guy who stood for the young family and pulled the ticket collector by the hair will not be jailed.

"The investigators have a reason to believe that the defendant may correct his behaviour without application of criminal liability, - says Press-secretary of the Investigatory Committee of Belarus Pavel Traulka. – We have taken into account sincere repentance of the accused, full compensation of the damage, the positive characteristics from the place where he studies and works. In addition, during the investigation the victim filed a petition asking to stop the criminal case, in the name of the investigator. Thus, the investigation decided to dismiss the criminal case and release the accused from criminal liability. The case materials were sent to the court of Navapolatsk, which will decide on the administrative responsibility. "