2 more people detained with Russian nationalist Maxim "Tesak" Martinkevich

According to the information provided by "Interfax-West", Maxim Martinkevich is mentioned as a suspect in a criminal case started upon the fact of malicious hooliganism in Minsk. There is no information against whom the case has been initiated. The name of the other suspect is also unknown. All three of them are in custody in the pre-trial detention center, under investigatory measures.  

Besides, this very criminal article prescribes punishment in the form of 3 years of freedom restriction, or up to 7 years of imprisonment.

According to non-official information, Martinkevich came to the Belarusian capital "to hunt for pedophiles", another source claims he allegedly participated in a fight with anti-fascists. Tesak is known for his racist statements and deeds. He has Belarusian roots, often comes from Russia to Belarus, visits Minsk and adores the "wise government" of Belarus.

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