Railway tariffs to grow significantly since November 10

The decree covers city, regional and inter-regional routes.

In accordance with the document, the city lines tariff will grow by 42,9% up to Br 5 thousand within one tariff zone, and by 27% up to Br 6 thousand within two tariff zones in one direction. The two-way trip will cost Br 10 thousand within two tariff zones, Br 11 thousand within three tariff zones and Br 12 thousand within four tariff zones.

Passenger economy class tariffs at regional lines will grow by 28,6% up to Br 900 per zone and Br 90 per kilometer of the route.

Moreover, the document increases railway tariffs for passengers at the business-class regional lines, economy and business-class of inter-regional lines, informs Interfax-West.

Photo - bymedia.net