Protest against restaurant near Kurapaty mass graves

У Курапатах прайшла акцыя пратэсту (відэа)

A protest action was held in Kurapaty Tract today, on June 1. Activists including Pavel Sevyarynets and Nina Bahinskaya protested against a plan to open the restaurant “Poedim, Poedem” 50 meters off the memorial. The restaurant owners have only one way out – to turn the building into a museum of Stalin’s repressions, Pavel Sevyaryents announced. According to a decision made by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, it is forbidden to build anything in the area, the politician stressed.

Dozens of thousands victims of Stalin’s repressions were killed and buried in Kurapaty in the Soviet time. However, the tragedy was made public only at the end of the 1980s. A people’s memorial and hundreds of crosses were installed in the forest.

An unauthorized picket was held near the restaurant ‘Poedim, Poedem’ on May 31. One of the participants, Volha Mikalaichyk, will stand trial on June 8 (she spent the night at the police). Young Front members are planning to set up a round-o'clock defense of Kurapaty starting from June 2, Radio Liberty reports.


У Курапатах прайшла акцыя пратэсту (відэа)
May 31 picket. Photo: