Prosecutor General seeks curfew for children, fines for parents

Belarus' Office of the Prosecutor General has proposed to penalize parents for the absence of their children at home in the evening hours and at night. Prosecutors are developing a legislation which will be preliminary titled "Restrictions on Underage Public Appearances in Evenings and at Night". While this issue is being studed, the Office of the Prosecutor General has monitored the statistics on teen crimes. The figures show that teenagers violate law mainly during dark hours.

The Office of the Prosecutor General is yet to define the notion of 'evening hours'. It is assumed that the legislation will bind teens aged from 14 to 16 years old to remain at home after 9 p.m. They can be outdoors later only accompanied by their parents or guardians. Teens aged 16-18 will be allowed to stay without parents in public places till 11 p.m., reports the official news agency BELTA.