Prominent civil activist Viktar Sirytsa dies at 62

Памёр вядомы грамадскі актывіст і гісторык Віктар Сырыца

Well-known civil activist and historian Viktar Sirytsa has died in Baranavichy. He collapsed at the Baranavichy Central Railway Station in the morning of November 9. An ambulance was called but medics were unable to save Sirytsa, Intex-press reports.

Victar Sirytsa was 62 years old. He was the head of Baranavichy affiliate of the Belarusian Language Society.

Sirytsa was a member of a district election committee during the presidential election in October. He refused to sign the vote report and expressed his personal opinion. The Baranavichy City Executive committee was in charge of the election in the city instead of the territorial election committee which is a gross violation of the Election Code, he said. It affected the results of the presidential election, Sirytsa insisted.