Production of Belaruskali and Uralkali worth millions arrested in Ukraine

Ukraine seizes property of Belarus and Russia /
Ukraine seizes property of Belarus and Russia /

Ukraine has arrested the products of "Belaruskali" and "Uralkali" worth millions of dollars, the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine reports. This is 170 wagons with 11.8 thousand tons of fertilizer worth about UAH 100 million ($ 2.7 million).

According to the investigation, the wagons with mineral fertilizers arrived in Ukraine before February 24, 2022. They were in the port of Mykolaiv "in transit". It is not specified to which country the cargo was heading. Now it has been transferred to the National Agency for Identification, Search and Management of Assets Obtained from Corruption and Other Crimes.

The Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine adds that part of the cargo was illegally sold in Ukraine. Losses to the Ukrainian budget are estimated at 10 million UAH. The case of "tax evasion and fees" is under investigation.

Ukraine arrested similar cargoes with property of Belarus and Russia throughout 2022, and this continues this year.

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