Presidential aide: 'Manual steering' of economy slows down reforms

Памочнік прэзідэнта: Ручное кіраванне эканомікай тармозіць рэформы

Structural reforms provide for a change of strategy, but they are impossible with manual management of the economy. It was an opinion expressed by Aide to the President for Economic Affairs Kiryl Rudy, speaking on October 23 at an international conference "Issues of forecasting and state regulation of social and economic development" held in Minsk, BelaPAN reports.

"Manual control of the economy dulls the need for reform, allows to use manual approach to solve the existing problems, to conceal the strategic errors, not to make precise conclusions and, therefore, does not entail reforms," said Rudy.

He noted that Belarus has about "half of the economy in the private sector, foreign companies are operating in the market, there are other elements of the market economy."

With this structure of the economy, manual control cannot be effective, says Rudy.

According to Lukashenka's aide, to get away from manual management of the economy, it is necessary to decentralize and delegate authority, as well as separate state finances and finances of state enterprises.