President of European Commission calls for EU army

Кіраўнік Еўракамісіі заявіў, што стварэнне еўрапейскай арміі непазбежнае

The creation of the European army is enviable, the President of the European Commission said at a meeting organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin. The USA is unlikely to care about Europe’s security in the near future, Jean-Claude Juncker believes.


"We owe a lot to Americans… but they will not take care of Europeans’ security in the near future,” RIA Novosti quotes Jean-Claude Juncker. “We have to do it ourselves and we need to consider the creation of the European army. This future tune and is already playing but many Europeans still cannot hear it.”

Republican candidate Donald Trump has won at the presidential election in the USA. It was totally unexpected for the EU. The United State needs to stop being the world policeman and focus on internal issues, Donald Trump said many times.