Vitali Klychko calls people to Maidan (ONLINE, video)

15.00. First President of the independent Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk came up with such initiative.  

According to, Victor Yanukovych supported the idea to hold a whole-nation round table discussion with participation of the government’s representatives and the opposition to find the compromise in the country.

Mass protest actions started in Kyiv on November 21. On November 30, Berkut brutally dispersed the Euromaidan action in the center of Kyiv. On December 1, there happened a many-thousand demonstration in the Ukrainian capital that ended with occupation of the Kyiv city council building and mass clashed between the police and the protesters.


Vitali Klychko calls people to come to the Kyiv center. The UDAR party leader says the police are putting psychological pressure on the protesters.


14.40. Meanwhile, a priest is reading out a prayer from the Maidan of Independence stage, UNIAN reports.


14.25 Three Berkut buses blocked the Khreschatyk Street. According to LigabusinessInform, the protesters' barricades are right behind the buses. Several dozens interior troops soldiers in full battle uniform are standing in front of the buses with shields.

Three Kyiv metro stations are blocked: Teatralna, Khreschatyk and Maidan of Independence - there has been an official announcement that the police are looking for a bomb.


The city council building has been occupied by the protesters since December 1. On December 5, the court made a resolution to free it.

Officials of the Kyiv city council are leaving their offices with documents, which may be connected with the upcoming storm of the building. This has been informed by with a reference to Batkivschina fraction deputy in the Kyiv Council Tetyana Melihova. According to her, the officials take their computers and documents.



17 automobiles with riot policemen were moving in the column.

Police and riot police started moving closer to the Maidan of Independence where there were few protesters on Monday morning. After the demonstration of hundreds thousand people many of them went home to rest.

Photo - Reuters, social networks