Poroshenko: world fate decided in Minsk

Today Belarusian capital is hosting a summit with representatives of the Customs Union (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia), Ukraine and the EU.

In his speech Petro Poroshenko noted that the meeting in the Belarusian capital is fateful: "Of course, the fate of the world and the fate of Europe are being decided." According to him, it is necessary to try to "work together to find the single right solution on which peace on the continent depends." 

The Ukrainian President urged the participants of the summit to accept his plan to resolve the situation in Donbas, where fierce fighting continues. Poroshenko stressed that his plan is the only way to stop the fighting and to provide "post-conflict reconstruction of Donbas." 

"The international community has already passed the stages of confrontation, containment and isolation, and had plenty of opportunities to make sure that this is a road to nowhere. Future is the time of respect for international law, scrupulous implementation of commitments and the development of mutually beneficial cooperation. I understand that all the players involved in this situation want to get out of it with dignity. I am ready to discuss various options that will provide such an exit strategy, exit to a peaceful future for Ukraine, exit to a peaceful future for Europe," said Poroshenko. 

Photo - Reuters