Polish parliament proposes sanctions over persecution of Poles in Belarus

Action in support of Andrzej Poczobut in Bialystok / Belsat
Action in support of Andrzej Poczobut in Bialystok / Belsat

Poland's lower chamber of parliament's commission calls for sanctions against people involved in the persecution of Poles in Belarus, telegram channel Pozirk reports.

The Commission for Relations with Poles Abroad strongly condemns the repression carried out by the Belarusian authorities against the Polish minority. The symbol of persecution is a "false sentence" to Andrzej Poczobut, his "unjustified imprisonment for two years without the possibility of communication with relatives", as well as the "trial organized behind closed doors", reads the statement.

The Polish deputies called repression, the closure of Polish schools for formal reasons, administrative sanctions, the desecration of Polish monuments and restrictions on the rights of the Polish minority unacceptable.

As Euroradio previously reported, on February 8, a court in Hrodna sentenced journalist Andrzej Poczobut, an activist of the Union of Poles in Belarus, to eight years in prison. The trial took place behind closed doors.

On the evening of the same day, an action was held in Bialystok in support of the convicted journalist and political prisoner.

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