Police find no violation in publication of nude photos

On June 17, the photos taken in Homel were published on the social networks and news portals of Belarus. A topless girl was pictured in Lenin Square. A photo of a naked man taking sunbathes on the window-ledge of the apartment in Lenin Avenue in the center of Homel appeared on the internet on the same day.

As Euroradio informed before, Minsk photographer Alyaksandr Dzmitrovich took the picture of the girl at 5 a.m. He arrived to Homel specially to make a nude photo session in the most unexpected places.

The police took into consideration the fact that the photo was taken at 5 a.m. so the public order wasn't violated. The photo of the man was taken by the photographer accidentally, Homel police told in a comment to BelaPAN. According to them, the man didn't pose on purpose, he was just at home, doing some repair works.

Photo from the social networks