Police find legal way to neutralize activist Pavel Vinahradau


"I'm sitting here in an office, speaking about the situation with human rights in Belarus. They tell me different sorts of fairy-tales. About the homeless. Some complain about lack of the office equipment," Pavel Vinahradau tells Euroradio, sitting in the office with Chief Leutenant Alyaksei Listapadau.

The policemen complained about the lack of paper to Vinahradau in the framework of the so-called "prophylactic conversation". According to the law, the police can invite anyone to be their guest. Lawyer Pavel Sapelka says it is desirable not to refuse.

"In theory, the police have a right to conduct a prophylactic event, and if you refuse, it will mean disobedience to their legal demands."

Meanwhile, there is not a word in the law on how long these prophylactic conversations can be. Therefore, a person is obliged to talk to the police for as long as they want. Even the lawyer cannot do anything here, all he can do is to listen to the police together with his client.

The innovation makes the life of the police easier. They can detain a person for no longer than 3 hours. Then they have to make charges and send the case to the court. Now - no paperwork, no lawyers. Just a prophylactic conversation.

Photo - zapraudu.info