Poland-Belarus relations depend on Belarus-EU relations

Адносіны паміж Польшчай і Беларуссю залежаць ад адносінаў Беларусі і ЕС

The relations between Poland and Belarus are improving thanks to the changes in the relations between the European Union and the Eastern Partnership member states, Polish chargé d'affaires ad interim Michael Habros said at a press conference.


Michael Habros: “We can see a thaw in relations now – Belarus sanctions have been frozen until the end of February, there are changes for the better in the political dialogue. The same applies to Poland: Poland’s position in the EU as regards ‘the eastern policy’ is very important. It means that our relations with Belarus may also be changed.”

Despite the warming of Belarus-Poland relations, there has been no Polish Ambassador to Belarus for a few months already, Euroradio told the diplomat. The delay can be explained by domestic political processes in Poland, Habros replied.

Michael Habros: “There is an internal political process observed in Poland now. We have just gone through the parliamentary and presidential elections. The new Ambassador’s candidature is still being disused. I think that the Polish Ambassador will arrive in Minsk soon.”

 However, Michael Habros refused to comment on the exact date.  


The Euroradio reporter also asked the diplomat about the prospects of the small border movement agreement. The document was signed and ratified in Warsaw long ago, the Polish diplomat noted. It is up to Belarus now. The official Minsk has not been able to make its decision for several years.

Photo: Zmitser Lukashuk