Is poet Slavamir Adamovich coming back to Belarus?

The author of the verse “Kill the President!” and a political refugee mentioned his desire to return to his motherland in an interview with ERB on the eve of his soirée in Warsaw. A meeting with a poet Slavamir Adamovich will take place in Warsaw today, at 7 p.m. Slavamir Adamovich is the author of 6 poetry-books including “Dew founders” and “Love in occupation”. He is the only modern Belarusian poet to have spent a year in prison for his verse (“Kill the President!”, 1995). He is the founder of the “Right Alliance” movement and the organizer of fire manifestations in Minsk. He asked for political asylum in Norway at the beginning of the 2000s and received it. ERB talked to the poet before the soiree.

ERB: Slavamir, why are you in Warsaw? You did not leave Norway for so many years…

Slavamir Adamovich: I am trying to realize my initiative: I am visiting places of battle and labour glory of the Belarusian diaspora in Europe. I was in Vilnius a week ago and arrived in Warsaw by train the day before yesterday. I am preparing cardinal actions and I have come to find out how our compatriots living in Europe against their will feel.

ERB: What cardinal actions do you mean? Is it a secret?

Slavamir Adamovich: I think it is time to come back. I will answer sincerely and directly: I cannot find any good occupation in that wonderful country that rich in many scenes and good for living in. Years are going by and I have to decide. There is nothing to say: I will return home.

ERB: What will you do in Belarus? We know you as a poet and a controversial civil activist.

Slavamir Adamovich: My spheres are literature, journalism and on-line communication. I am doing it every minute. I know that I can do many things and be independent from any institutions here. But maintaining my physical existence is a trivial and important issue. Having heard that I had left for Norway, Pushkin said: “Slavamir, return to your mother’s country house”. He knows my relatives, our house and our land. He returned to his family house. However, it is easier for him in some way – he can live off selling pictures and decorating churches. It is harder to live off texts in the country.

ERB: Why do you feel unconformable in the wonderful Norway? Has the new motherland rejected you? Couldn’t you speak the language?

Slavamir Adamovich: I can speak the language; I studied in a special school for adults for 2 years. I cannot say that the new motherland seems loathsome to me. It has not accepted me to reject me. I am a Belarusian philologist and literary man, I am a poet. I have not managed to realize myself in this field there. I could do physical activities there and I did. But if you are able to write in Belarusian and discuss Belarusian issues and if you understand that you cannot do it there… Please, understand me.

ERB: Do you still compose verses?

Slavamir Adamovich: Thanks God, I do. I can read them out for you if you like.

You can listen to Slavamir Adamovich in Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science at 7 p.m. The entrance is in Marshalkovskaya Street, 12th floor, aula D, Collegium Civitas.

Photo by – Nasha Niva