Picket against freeloaders’ tax not allowed in Hrodna

Ezhy Hryhench’s photo: svaboda.org
Ezhy Hryhench’s photo: svaboda.org

Hrodna authorities have not allowed a picket in protest against decree #3 also known as ‘the freeloaders’ tax’. United Civil Party activist Ezhy Hryhench applied for it. Officials have refused him because he has been subjected to administrative responsibility twice this year, Radio Liberty reports.

Hryhench and other activists had been going to organize the picket on June 27. Many Hrodna inhabitants have started asking their party for assistance recently because new notifications from the tax inspectorate are being sent, he noted.

Hryhench disagrees with the refusal. “The freeloaders’ issue affects me and I have been  convicted twice for going to the square because they did not allow us to protest legally. They are forcing us to violate the law,” he told journalists.

The activist is going to meet the head of the City Executive Committee to express his disagreement and urge him to respect citizens’ rights and freedoms.