Paznyak has sources in KGB, reveals Tell the Truth income

On October 31, the Belarusian state news agency Belta and major state TV channels quoted the extracts from Paznyak's video interview, in which he slammed the opposition in Belarus, describing it as the one totally funded by the West and having no own ideas or goals.

Commenting to Radio Liberty, Paznyak said he did not care who would quote him because everything what he said was true. He added to the criticism by describing the current opposition as a structural element of the regime in Belarus. Paznyak criticized opposition's participation in the 2010 presidential election. According to Paznyak, Tell the Truth civil campaign received $4.5 million for the election campaign.

Paznyak maintains this the amount was revealed by campaign activists themselves during interrogations at KGB. Paznyak says he has sources in KGB.