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Pavel Vinahradau to stand trial for flash mob organized near tax inspectorate


A report for participation in an unauthorized action was drawn up against Pavel Vinahradau in Minsk Maskouski District Department of the Interior on February 4. The activist reported it on Facebook. “They kindly asked me not to conduct any other actions. I kindly asked them for 3 million dollars and a helicopter. They didn’t give them to me but I had to try,” Pavel described his joke.

Vinahradau will stand an administrative trial in Minsk Maskouski District Court at 12 p.m. He will be fined, the activist thinks.


Vinahradau and a few other activists brought a coffin with the inscription “We’d as well see your taxes in this coffin” to the threshold Minsk tax inspectorate on January 29. They wanted to see the authorities’ reaction to street action when they were waiting for an IMF credit and for the EU’s decision about sanctions, the activist explained to Euroradio.