Pavel Vinahradau

He did not go to court because he knew that the decision would be in his favour, the activist said.
Activist links it to the forthcoming elections to the House of Representatives.
Activist Pavel Vinahradau reckons he may be fined again for staging an unauthorized picket.
The term was over on October 24 but the court made a formal decision to finish the supervision a week later.

The young activism legend leaves the capital city to stay with his father to avoid ending up in a 'detox facility' ahead of the presidential polls.

Pavel Vinahradau's relatives gathered near the jail in Minsk to meet him as scheduled at 10 a.m. but the activist did not walk out free.

Rights defenders in Belarus say that arbitrary preventive detention of activists has become a means of political persecution.

The opposition activist has spent more than 200 days in jail over the past two years.

The leader of Zmena youth pressure group was arrested on October 2 on administrative offense charges.