Pavel Sevyarynets: Both Dashkevich and Finkevich are to blame

The founder and the first leader of “Malady Front” Pavel Sevyarynets notes that the current crisis in the organization is not the first one. There were six crises during the leadership of Sevyarynets. The politician claims that all such crises were initiated by special services.
Sevyarynets: Such attempts have always been inspired by special services and led to conflicts. It took them a long time to quarrel two guys who were the key figures of the national youth movement. They managed to resist it for some time. However, the guys revealed weakness and started the conflict at a certain moment.

P.Sevyarynets says that the provocations were observed during the past several months. Unfortunately, they did not manage to avoid the conflict between Zmitser Dashkevich and Artur Finkevich. He thinks that both leaders who could not meet half-way are to blame for the conflict.

Sevyarynets: I think they did a wrong thing. The unity of “Malady Front” is the most important issue. Ambitions and positions are secondary things. Politics is not accusing each other or expelling each other. Politics is the ability to reach an agreement.

In Sevyarynets’ opinion, the conflict will not last for more than two weeks. Then the organization will be united again. However, he does not exclude that one more youth organization besides “Malady Front” may appear.