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Organizers: 50 thousand attended #BNR100 concert in Minsk

Photo: Euroradio

fAbout 50 thousand people came to celebrate Freedom Day near the Opera and Ballet Theatre in Minsk on 25 March, one of the organizers Pavel Belavus told Euroradio 

He is happy with this year’s Freedom Day. “Almost everything went as planned,” Belavus said.

Pavel explained to Euroradio how the number of people was calculated: “We had 20 thousand playbill flyers. Volunteers were giving them out to everyone who entered the territory. Most of the people passed the main gate. There were two other gates… By 4 p.m. all the flyers were out. If one person out of two received a leaflet, it means that there were about 40 thousand visitors. We were very happy to know that about 50 thousand or even more people came to the event that we had organized.”