Oz.by sorry for book Donbass Defense (photo)

The book's offer appeared on oz.by website on August 19. It soon became a topic of discussion on social networks. "I will no longer use the services of this shop," said the vast majority of those who shared the news about the appearance of this book for sale in Belarus. As a result, in the morning of August 21 the book by Polikarpov disappeared from oz.by. Later in its twitter the store apologized to customers. 

"Friends. A nasty book found its way to the site yesterday. It happened through stupidity. We'll no longer have this kind of "literature." We apologize," said the post. 

It should be recalled that Igor Srelkov is an alias of Igor Girkin, former defense minister of the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk. Ukrainian authorities accuse him of terrorism, he is wanted by the Security Service of Ukraine.