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Over 50% of Belarusians have average per capita income of 400-800 BYN per month

Inflation in Belarus could reach 10% at year-end / sample photo by the  "Minsk-News" agency

According to the National Statistics Committee, about 55% of Belarusians had an average monthly income of 400-800 BYN per capita in the third quarter of 2021.

However, 14.2% of the country's residents earn 400-500 rubles per month, while 15.3% -- 500-600, 14.3% -- 600-700 and 10.8% -- 700-800.

Belarusians haven't become richer per se for the year. The proportion of people with an average income of 400-800 rubles per person in the third quarter of 2020 was about 58%.

However, a year ago, 11.1% had a monthly income of more than 1000 BYN. This year, 17.5% of the country's residents are that "rich," but only 5.4% have more than 1,500 BYN a month. The situation with incomes is better in Minsk (here, 10.8% of residents have income of 1,500 BYN and more), while in the Mahiliou region the figure is only 2%.

The annual inflation in Belarus may reach 10% this year.

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