No amnesty for Kazulin

Speaking at a meeting with the Belarus Minister of Interior Uladzimir Navumau on Tuesday, the Belarus ruler ordered to prepare an amnesty for the Belarusian correctional facilities. However, it is hardly to help release the former presidential contender Aliaksandr Kazulin. He is the only inmate, who have not pledged a written obligation to behave well.

According to the chief og the department of corrections at the Ministry of Interior, Uladzimir Kochur, amnesty could also be applied to those who have not confessed. The main thing is not to violate the prison rules, he said.

But, according to Interfax, only those who committed minor crimes and who have set on the path of recovery will be granted amnesty.

The previous amnesty was announced two years ago. Prison terms were reduced at one year for seven thousand inmates, including Mikhail Marynich, Yury Bandazheuski, Jagor Rybakou. Another 4,000 people were released after the amnesty last year.